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JNB Law are experienced Probate Solicitors, having administrated probate over multiple decades.

As a reputable firm of online probate solicitors, JNB Law offer a fixed fee and simple probate service. We understand that losing someone you love or care about can be very upsetting. Being able to cope with that grief whilst also having to act as an executor can be overwhelming.

Allow us to give you a helping hand in administering the estate for you. As experienced probate solicitors, we are able to do this quickly and efficiently, so you can worry about the important things instead.

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What is Probate?

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Probate Solicitors – JNB Law

It is unfortunately a morbid subject, but when someone dies, it is necessary to sort out their money, their possessions and any properties in a process known as ‘probate’. When the Will is made, one or more executors are named, and it is their responsibility is to undertake this task. Executors will sort out who gets what according to the wished laid out in the Will of the deceased.

As an executor of the Will, you are legally responsible for ensuring that each stage of the probate process are completed successfully. As executor, it will be your job to ensure that you have applied for Grant of Representation.

What is Grant of Representation?

Grant of Representation is essentially a legal document which confirms your legal status and ability to deal with the Estate of someone who has passed away. You will find that a grant of representation if required irrespective of whether or not a Will has been left by the deceased or not – although this is sometimes known by a different name.

Once you have the Grant of Representation, you are able to fully administer the estate as an executor. You can then gain access to all financial records of the deceased. You will also need to recover any money which is owed to the estate and pay off any outstanding debts.

Note: Inheritance Tax – You will need to value the estate to determine whether or not there will be any inheritance tax. This will need to be established before the estate can start the process of being divided out.

An executor will be held legally responsible for this administration process and will be held legally responsible if mistakes are made.

As you can see from the above, this process can be complicated and at times quite stressful.

Sorting out the estate if there is No Will

Sorting out an estate when there isn’t a Will is a slightly lengthier process. When someone passes away without a Will, it is known is ‘dying intestate’. This makes the probate process more complicated because the Law decides who inherits the estate according to specific criteria called ‘intestacy rules’.

How JNB Law Probate Solicitors can help

As said before, when grieving for a loved one or someone you can for, it can be a difficult time to contemplate administration of an estate and completing probate. As experienced probate solicitors, we can help to quickly and efficiently administer the estate for you, giving you peace of mind that it will be done correctly and in accordance of the wishes of the deceased.

Although anyone can undertake the process of applying for probate, it can be a stressful and complex process. If you then take in to account things like registering a death, arranging a funeral, notifying insurers and Government departments, among other things, it can be very testing and time consuming to also handle the probate process.

If the estate is particularly large, the probate process can then become even further complicated with several bank accounts, bonds, shares and properties. All of these items need to be closed out according to the wishes set out in the Will. As previously noted, executors are legally responsibly for undertaking these tasks.

That’s why many people choose to instruct a solicitor to undertake this arduous task on their behalf. Choosing a probate solicitor who specialises in this subject to act on your behalf will relieve the pressure and stress which at an emotional time is rather not needed.

JNB Law can act for you, and will provide a professional and understanding probate service to ensure that your loved one’s wishes are carried out efficiently. We will work closely with you to ensure you understand the process and how the administration is progressing. We are both friendly and understanding solicitors, and we believe that helping our clients through this process with as little stress as possible is of upmost importance. We can assure you that the estate is in the most qualified hands.

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