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Making A Will – JNB Law

Making a will online with JNB Law is an simple and straightforward process.

There are many adverts online and in the newspaper which offer tools to write your own will. We strongly advise against doing your own will as you can open yourself up to having a rejected will when you pass away.

We run a contentious probate service and we regularly see what happens when probate goes wrong due to problems with a will.


Such problems can be:

  1. A minor mistake in the legal wording of the will can invalidate the will.
  2. Writing some relations out of the will can later lead to the will being challenged and/or overruled.
  3. If the will is not signed and witnessed correctly, it will be deemed as void.

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How does our will writing service work?


Step 1

We discuss your requirements over the phone with you. At this point you can include all of the details you think are important for your will and your circumstances. We take payment at the point we know you’re happy to proceed. Approximate time: 30 minutes

Step 2

We then write your will, taking in to account all of your requirements and base this on the information your provide. Sometimes if the will is more complicated, this can take slightly longer to do. Approx time: 0.2 days

Step 3

We then send you a copy of your will. It’s important to check everything is right according to your wishes. Once you’re happy, sign the copy and send back to us.  

Step 4

We then securely store your will for life, for free. There is a small charge for your will to be retrieved, and we also offer an affordable amendments service.

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If you would rather contact us online, you could email us on contact@jnblaw.co.uk or complete our Free Online Enquiry and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.