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Benefits Of A Will – JNB Law

Leaving a Will can give you the peace of mind that when you pass away, everything is in order.

Making a Will gives you the opportunity of ordering your affairs for after you pass away. It’s perfectly natural to be reluctant to contemplate your own death, and understandably a lot of people choose to put off making a will.

Unfortunately death is the one thing in life that is guaranteed, and if you don’t leave a Will, then the law will step in.

By making a will, you regain some control over what happens when you pass away, and how your possessions are distributed to either the ones you care for, or someone else. In simple terms, it means your wishes are carried out.

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There are many advantages to having a Will, and the following are just some of the practical reasons for having one:

  1. Providing financial security for the people you care about;
  2. Making defined gifts of possessions and money;
  3. Paying less in inheritance tax;
  4. Appointing your preferred guardians for your children;
  5. Choosing who your executors will be;
  6. Specifying the wishes for your funeral (choose a good hymn!);
  7. Avoid messy inheritance disputes;
  8. Make arrangements for your pets;
  9. Avoid intestacy;

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