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We established ourselves as a legal firm in 1999 and have carried our vast experience in Domestic and Foreign Legal Services through to today.

We deal in contentious probate, probate, wills and trusts across the UK. Our niche legal services allow us to focus our abilities to help our clients achieve the best possible resolution.

As a highly respected practice, we work hard for our clients to understand each case fully and we treat each case as unique. We believe in openness and fairness - something close to our hearts through our work with Lincoln's Inn.

Our working and operating ethic ensures we provide a transparent service designed to guide our clients through the tough terrain of the Law.

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We deal with both domestic and foreign legal cases and have previously operated in foreign jurisdiction in Italy, Spain, Germany and France.

Integrity is important to us as we are a small but highly accountable and dedicated practice.

We are also a member of The Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists (ACTAPS), and we have proven that we have the know-how to operate effectively in this specialist area.

It's good to be proud of what you do, and as such we are dedicated to, and more importantly, passionate about our niche service in Contentious Probate and Trusts, and we take great pride in the outstanding level of legal service.

We don’t like to restrict ourselves to normal office hours, because we know life doesn’t always allow our clients time during office hours to contact us. That’s why we are contactable from 9am to 7pm. We try to be flexible and work around our client’s needs.

Get in touch with us and we will show you how we value our clients from the first point of contact with our firm, and as such we aim to answer calls within two rings and emails within thirty minutes. Why? Because it matters to us. It matters to us that prospective clients choose to contact us, and put their faith in our ability. We aim to put our clients at ease from the first time we speak to them, through to the end.

We provide both domestic and international legal services. Our firm has operated in many European countries and we have been successful. The World is only getting smaller with technology advancements in online communication, so we can be available to our clients overseas when we are needed.

We are also referred work from other legal practices as sometimes cases come along which are very specialist and require an amount of experience to handle. We have the necessary experience to handle incredibly complex cases, most of which normal legal firms would shy away from. Not only do we take these cases on, we try our best to achieve the results our clients need. That’s why over the last five years we have taken various cases from firms of solicitors in regard to contentious probate matters, a number of which have an international element, where the previous firm have been unable to conclude matters.

Contact us now to find out if you can make a claim and challenge a will.

Free No-Obligation Enquiry

Or call on 0115 963 0179 - Without Obligation.

This means that we are able to deal with unusual and complex matters for our clients at a very competitive price. For that reason, it quite often happens that we become good friends with our clients. We feel very privileged to have worked with many wonderful clients over the years. We aim to keep that going, because the personal service we provide is something to be incredibly proud of. We value our clients and always welcome feedback.

jnbavatarJoseph N Bell Profile

I have over 30 years experience in the law and I have accordingly developed a legal practice which is designed to forge a close connection with my clients not restricted to a 9-5 basis. I run a legal practice which puts the client’s interest very firmly first, and one which provides an affordable service.

Contentious Probate (Contesting A Will):

On my journey of specializing in Contentious Probate, and started working with winding up estates and running trusts. I found that I was very good at probate legal matters and decided to extend my knowledge in to the World of court proceedings. Having excelled further in court proceedings, I then decided to combine that with probate and trust matters. By combining these elements of my knowledge I soon found that I was able to offer a personalized service in contentious probate.

I also have experience in cross border jurisdiction which previous cases in Spain, France and Italy, to name a few.

My legal journey has also taken me to financial services, which started with policies stock and shares unit trusts I had to deal with within winding up estates and trust administration, all of which related to capital taxes. I began by selling life assurance products to the general public, through a broker, on a part time basis. I then moved in to working in-house for various major life assurance companies such as Norwich Union known now as Santander. I have also previously dealt with various claims against most major high street banks, and as such have been involved in litigation against HSBC, Barclays and Lloyds. This gives me the know-how necessary when dealing with the complicated World of financial products.